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  • Health&Care: Hypoglycemia (part 3)

    Hypoglycemia I have heard that there is an opposite to insulin called glucagon. Is this something like glucose and can it be used to bring someone round from a hypo? Glucagon is a hormone which, like insulin, is produced by the pancreas. It causes glucose to be released into the bloodstream from stores of starch […]

    Health&Care: Hypoglycemia (part 2)

    Hypoglycemia I have recently lost my warning signs for Hypoglycemia. Is it likely that they will return? Very tight diabetic control is known to reduce Hypoglycemia awareness. A study carried out with the help of people who had lost their warning symptoms showed that when the participants kept their blood sugar above 4 mmol/L continuously for […]

    Health&Care: Hypoglycemia (part 1)

    Hypoglycemia Since my wife has been started on insulin she has had funny turns. What is the cause of this? Your wife’s funny turns are likely to be due to a low blood glucose level. The medical term is hypoglycemia that most people call ‘hypo’ for short. When the blood glucose falls below a certain […]

    Treatment Diabetes: insulin and diet (part 3)

    Continuation of the article about diabetes and diet. DIET AND INSULIN My husband has been putting on weight since being diagnosed as having diabetes three months ago. What are the reasons for this? Most people lose weight before their diabetes is diagnosed and treated. In uncontrolled diabetes, body fat is broken down and many calories […]

    Treatment Diabetes: insulin and diet (part 2)

    Continuation of the article about diabetes and diet. DIET AND INSULIN Is it all right for me, as someone who takes insulin, to have a lie in on Sunday or must I get up and have my injection and breakfast at the normal time? Your insulin treatment needs to fit your chosen lifestyle as much […]

    Treatment Diabetes: insulin and diet (part 1)

    We asked a few questions of patients who have diabetes: is it possible to sit on a diet during diabetes, and occurs as treatment with insulin. On this read in this and subsequent articles. DIET AND INSULIN I understand that different forms of carbohydrate have different rates of digestion and that this affects the rise […]

    Monitoring and Control: Urine and Haemoglobin a1c

    Today let’s talk about how to monitor the level of haemoglobin and urine, and we asked a few questions on these topics. URINE What does it mean if I have a lot of ketones but no glucose on urine testing? Testing for ketones in the urine can be rather confusing and, unless there are special […]

    Treatment Diabetes and Overweight in Canadian Health Care Mall

    Overweight I am very overweight and trying hard to lose about 20 kg (3 stone). I love icecream and most of the cheaper varieties in the supermarket contain nonmilk fat. Will this be suitable for me? You can choose to include a small bowl of ice-cream as part of your diet plan. Non-milk fat means […]

    Causes of Diabetes – Inheritance

    CAUSES OF DIABETES Inheritance My father had Type 2 diabetes. Am I likely to get it too? Diabetes is a common disorder in this country and is diagnosed in about three in 100 people. A further two in every 100 have the condition without knowing about it – the ‘missing million’ – bringing the overall […]