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    Who we are

    Canadian Healthcare Pharmacy is an e-commerce player with long-standing history. Our brand has been around for almost a decade, and during this time we’ve generated nothing but positive feedback from customers.

    We are an e-tailer of quality pharmaceutical products. Our concept is to make costly drugs affordable for people across economical strata. We also can relate to the lack of time and a need for confidentiality that make shopping at actual pharmacies less competitive. So the short of it would go like this: we give you the possibility of getting safe and effective drugs, that are also inexpensive, delivered straight to your door.

    Our regular customers point out that ordering from us is:

    • Affordable. Our drugs cost a fraction of their price elsewhere;
    • Cost-effective. You get the best quality money can buy, and no big money is riding on the issue;
    • Precise. Canadian Health And Care Mall is known far and wide for precision in processing and delivering orders;

    • Easy and intuitive, and immensely time-saving. No need to drive places and spend tons of your personal time;
    • Convenient. You order whenever it suits you best. You can even sign up for automatic refills and take that off your mind for months ahead;

    • Informative. Learn about medical products before ordering, read reviews and comparisons, or refresh your knowledge, using our resource as a reference-book that’s a few clicks away, any time.

    Scroll through to find out how exactly our pharmacy can help you live a healthier and a happier life.

    Quality in focus at Canadian Healthcare Pharmacy www.healthandcaremall.com

    Our pharmacy has a strong focus on high quality throughout the distribution chain. We cooperate with some 30 suppliers in different countries. All suppliers hold manufacturing and / or wholesale license for the handling of drugs, issued by each country’s pharmaceutical authorities.

    By having full control of purchasing, shipping, repackaging and distribution our drugstore ensures a high quality throughout the product chain. This means that every drug you buy from our pharmacy was manufactured using high standards of production, stored and transported in accordance to the international requirements for hygiene and consumer safety.

    The medicines that we distribute are generics. Their quality, efficiency and safety are identical to those of the original medicines, since they are all produced by trusted accredited overseas manufacturers where patents for the respective brand medicines have expired, which makes the production of generics legal.

    If you are interested in pharmaceutical products that are effective, safe, and yet inexpensive, Canadian Health And Care Store is your go-to pharmacy.

    Meet our team

    Canadian HealthCare Store conducts its operations in a manner that creates value for customers, employees, suppliers and society at large. Our team works actively with a good business ethics, and strives for long-term, trusting relationships with customers. You can learn more about our team at our social network pages.

    Pharmacy manager

    docDr Lunceford (Pharm. D.) holds a professional doctor degree in pharmacy. He graduated from the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy in Los Angeles, California. Dr Lunceford has been in pharmacy business ever since graduation year, and has managed online pharmacies since 2003. His role with Canadian Healthcare Mall is that of a manager, coordinator, supporter and developer of our Code of Conduct.

    Pharmacy technicians

    Stanley G. Vargas, Donald K. Tanner, Tisa M. Catoe, and Juanita B. O’Neill are pharmacy technicians. Today, the pharmacy is so much more than just prescription medications. The task of a pharmacy technicians is to give tips and advice on everything from dental care and hygiene products to complex therapy medicine; as well as provide service to customers and supervise storage rooms. To become professionals in what they do, our board pharmaceutists received a broad education that included courses ranging from medical basic course and self-care knowledge to the customer communication and business.

    Board-certified staff MD

    doc6Dr Russell M. Castle’s specialty is internal medicine, which include, inter alia, stomach and intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, heart and other circulatory, lung (eg asthma, bronchitis o), allergic disorders, edema (fluid retention), joint pain, obesity and hormones (eg diabetes, obesity and impotence). It’s fine to ask questions about diseases, symptoms and other medical problems using our pharmacy’s free doctor chat widget.

    Logistics and procurement manager

    Glen R. Laymon

    Pharm. D. Glen R. Laymon holds the position of logistics and procurement manager. Dr Laymon’s job is to monitor the offers on international pharmacy market, getting in touch with numerous manufacturers and distributors in order to establish business relationships with the best of them. He also works on the most cost-effective logistics schemes that cut down the expenditures, which ultimately is reflected in the prices we quote for our products.

    By building a team that is target-oriented and coached to focus on the customers’ best interests we make sure that you will receive the best quality of products and services, since nothing is as important as your health. doc7

    Competitive advantages of Canadian HealthCare Mall

    We’ve already established that ordering with Canadian Health And Care Pharmacy offers high quality for low prices. This in itself can be more than enough for the majority of customers, but we prefer not to stop at that. So this is how we push it over the boundaries, in terms of our competitive advantages:


    With our pharmacy shop, you can depend on being served in the most professional way, within the shortest timeframe, and using the most up-to-date, fool-proof technologies. This means smooth ordering process from A to Z, any time.

    Confidentiality, anonymity, discretion

    We have every tool it takes to keep your private matters private. Your personal data will remain unshared and stored under protection of 256-bit SSL encryption. Your email address and other contact details will not be sold or used indiscreetly. Your billing address will not reflect any information as for the nature of the purchased goods. Your order will be shipped in an unmarked envelope.

    Speedy delivery

    No delays. Your order will arrive exactly as stipulated by your chosen method of shipment. You can also opt for the shipping insurance (we include it for free for orders above $200) in order to get reimbursed if your delivery should fail, which has never happened so far.

    Discounts, bonuses, promo coupons.

    Even though are prices all feel like markdowns, there’s always room to spoil you even more. Get four Viagra or Cialis pills for free with every order, and find discount coupons within your newsletter (if you are a subscriber) regularly, or just request a promo code for the items you need. We make it all possible!

    We are anxious for you to be the judge of how good we are at what we are doing. Drop in, bag it up, stay healthy!