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  • Canadian Health&Care Mall Healthy Upgrades during Summer

    Being healthy is a must all the year round. One must apply all efforts to add to lifestyle changes that can turn into real health benefits. But if you are looking for a chance to start, summer is definitely the best time for that. During summer time there are many various ways to become healthier. Canadian Pharmacy Mall has gathered several easy tips and suggestions for those, who are ready to start upgrading their health this summer. Are you with us?

    #1 – Taking Advantage of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

    Fresh Fruit

    Eating fruit and vegetables in all seasons is a must both for people with health issues and for those, who don’t suffer from them. The produce of veggies and fruit is at its peak during hot summer months. So, why not make use of that?


    • watermelon: aside from being very tasty and affordable, there are many other benefits this fruit has. Watermelon is rich in lycopene. This is why it must be added to your summer ration;
    • berries: hot months offer a huge variety of berries every year. All of them a high in fiber, Vitamin C and antioxidants. Thus, you can enjoy eating them and improve your overall immune system.


    • greens: pay special attention to lettuce, beet greens, Swiss card, spinach and dandelion greens this year. Why greens? They are known for containing iron and protein, repairing antioxidants, Vitamins B, A and C. Make great smoothies or add them to salads and enjoy;
    • tomatoes: who doesn’t like them? A single tomato for breakfast or lunch provides 40% of your daily Vitamin C and 20% of Vitamin A norm;
    • bell peppers: they contain carotenoids (phytochemicals) that help reduce even the highest risks of age-related eye diseases and cardiovascular issues. Bell peppers are bright and always become a tasty addition to your meal or snack;
    • avocados: they can be tops of your sandwich, added to salads, etc. Avocadoes are known for being rich in Vitamins B, C and K, fiber, potassium and cell-protecting antioxidants.

     #2 – Drink More Water and Stay Hydrated

    Water has always been very important for the body. During hot summer months its importance grows. Even a pretty mild dehydration makes one feel tired and lethargic. Do you want to upgrade your health? Then you should drink around 13 cups of water daily, if you’re a man. Women can drink about 9 cups.

    Why so many? When sweating and exercising, we lose the great part of water that our bodies are composed of. It will flush out all toxins, make you feel energized and ensure health and beauty of your skin.

    #3 – Give Way to Staying Active

    Staying Active

    Exercising is far not the only way for you to stay active. We offer several tips for those, who don’t like going in for sports, but want their muscles be more active this summer.

    Firstly, you can start with cleaning. What place needs cleaning? Is that your attic or garage? Burn some calories and arrange a perfect place for lifting weights after a morning run. Secondly, you can choose walking instead of taking a car, especially, if the place you’re going to is not too far from your house. In time you will love having charming walks around the neighborhood.

    Thirdly, you can start something new. Why not start a new physical activity you have never tried before? Summer time offers many possibilities when it comes to outdoor activities, for example. And fourthly, try and extend your active time. It must be done step by step in the morning, afternoon and evening. If you are active enough during all parts of the day, you will get more active over time, burn extra calories and feel better. You can use an activity tracker that will show how many steps you have made every day.

    #4 – Learn to Relax

    We always underestimate the importance of relaxation and its benefits for health. Relaxation is a whole study that must be learned before turned to. Do you know that hot summer months are the time when your blood pressure is extremely low? To bring it back to norm you can:

    • practice deep breathing;
    • learn yoga asana techniques;
    • sleep well;
    • turn to aromatherapy;
    • have relaxing massages;
    • going to spa.

    This all will help you feel rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed. A few words must be said about your sleep as it is essential for a proper body functioning. We always cut our sleep time in order to compensate for family matters and work. Falling asleep in summer is harder than in any other season. We suggest having full nights of sleep to become more productive in the daytime.

    #5 – Prevent Summer Infections

    Infectious bacteria love your sweaty summer body. This is why maintaining good and regular hygiene in summer is a must for your health upgrade. Summer may be accompanied by low blood pressure, viruses and red eyes. Is there a chance to prevent them? There surely is: follow simple hygiene rues, bathe twice a day, don’t share towels, brushes or combs and wash linen regularly.

    #6 – Protect Your Skin

    Protect Your Skin

    We call it a three-step sun protection. If you are planning to spend much time in the sunshine this summer, you are to think about your skin and its proper protection:

    1. sun avoidance is the first step to be taken. When you stay indoors between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. you miss the most harmful rays of the sun;
    2. physical barrier is the second step. Try to block the rays with sunshades, special swimming suits and long-sleeved tops;
    3. applying sun cream is the third step. Whatever cream you pick, follow instructions on the bottle.

    #7 – Arrange a Trip

    There’s another thing that is of great importance for your health this summer. Here at Canadian Health&Care Mall we agree that vacation adds to one’s health every year. Why not take a trip to your favorite place this summer? Even a short trip will help reduce stress and anxiety. Traveling and vacations reduce chances for cardiovascular issues and heart diseases. They reduce stress hormones that usually lead to weight gain.

    Believe it or not, but this summer has all chances to become the best in your life. As you see, not many efforts must be applied or money spent to improve your health and reduce stress. Let these summer months become the greatest and your health upgraded!