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  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: How Important Diet and Foods Are?

    They say there is always an approved way to avoid numerous health problems or treat them for good. It’s called a healthy ration. Here at Canadian Health&Care Mall HealthandCareMall.Com we agree that veggies and fruit reduce many risks and improve one’s health. But are they as effective when it comes to erectile dysfunction in males? Should they be used in preventive measures or as a part of a treatment process only? Let’s see what we know.

    Lifestyle and ED – Are They Interconnected?’

    Happy man eating a salad

    It often happens so that no physician is able to define a psychological or medical cause of male’s dysfunction. So a full check-up is needed. Impotence is always related to the insufficient blood flow to the penis, yet who knows what caused the issue? Over the past years there has appeared a new version of what became a trigger. Most specialists and we agree that lifestyle habits contribute to ED greatly these days.

    What habits are NOT healthy and can turn a strong male into impotent? Today they are:

    • heavy alcohol consumption;
    • high-fatty and unhealthy foods (fast food, soda drinks, etc.);
    • smoking;
    • low blood pressure and its neglect;
    • unhealthy body weight (obesity);
    • physical inactivity.

    There’s surely at least one of the habits that you have. Even if this is the exact time when you are fighting against your impotence, it’s still not late to make changes.

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    Contributing Lifestyle Changes: Easy or Tough?

    It’s not as tough as you think, yet it’s not that easy either. Losing weight and going in for sports, refusal from cigarettes and alcohol are the hardest steps to be taken. But, what influence do they really have?

    Healthy Diet: unhealthy daily ration has a negative impact on your energy levels. It makes a person sluggish and provokes heart diseases, diabetes and clogged arteries. These are the factors that contribute to ED in males. What must be done? You need to refuse from sugars and unhealthy fats, add vegetables and fruit instead.

    Smoking: there’s more than just a single reason why it is better to quit smoking. The latest studies have shown that those men, who smoke regularly, have higher risks of suffering from impotence.

    Going in for sports: regular exercising improves healthy and male’s strength. Exercise five times a week for 30 minutes and this will help in stress and anxiety reduction as well as in improving of blood circulation to keep arteries healthy.

    Dealing with stress: are you aware that stress contributes to ED in any male? It impacts man’s sexual health as well as his ability to achieve and maintain erection. It deprives you of ability to enjoy satisfying sex. Try and eliminate stress from your life, learn some stress-reduction techniques and get back to satisfying intercourse.

    Medications: here at Canadian Pharmacy Mall we know that all kinds of meds have their minor or severe side effects. They may lead to impotence, too. Especially when it comes to pills for high blood pressure and depression treatment. Thus, we suggest discussing possible complications beforehand to reduce the risks or eliminate them for good.

    ! Even if you experience problems in bed, don’t give up on sexual activity. This leads to frustration and new ED problems that are related to a psychological condition rather than physical. The more frequent your tries are, the more persistent sexual arousal becomes, the higher are the chances for impotence cure.

    Drugs: and finally, we suggest avoiding drugs. They are chosen for the euphoria and high energy they provide, yet this type of dependence leads to ED and ten more health issues that require a long-lasting and expensive treatment.

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    What Foods Can Help in Fighting ED?

    It is really hard to believe that foods can fight a thing. Yet, when it comes to health issues, minor or serious, vitamins, acids and minerals that they contain are exceptionally beneficial. You can buy ED pills at Canadian Pharmacy and combine their consumption with a healthy diet that consists of:

    • herring;
    • clams;
    • blue mussels;
    • salmon;
    • cereals;
    • oysters;
    • beef;
    • nasoya tofu plug;
    • yoghurt.

    They all are rich in B-complex vitamins that are essential for male’s sexual strength. Clams help to improve the blood flow to the penis. Herring adds to the reduction of nitric oxide levels and promotes dysfunctional blood vessels. Blue mussels are magnesium rich foods and salmon has elements that help in remaining hard for a longer time. Oysters improve quality and quantity of sperm and boost testosterone levels, while cereals heal the clogged arteries. Yoghurt helps in losing weight.

    At Canadian Pharmacy you can buy any ED medicines you need or were prescribed. But, unlike other stores, we insist on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and dieting that help improve the overall health and sex in particular. Getting hard and performing longer is possible no matter what your age is. It’s just that you have to apply some efforts to succeed.